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Who we are
Hakizetu Tanzania, Previously known as Hakizetu Young Women and Girls’ Rights Organization, is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2011 registered in Tanzania under a non-governmental act of 2002 with a registration No.83767 to operate in Tanzania mainland. Hakizetu is a Swahili word, which literally means ‘Our rights’ in English. Hakizetu Tanzania is working toward the prevention of violence against women and girls.

The Vision of Hakizetu Tanzania is justice society where voice of voiceless women and girls are empowered and raised to be head and supported nationally and internationally

Our mission is to attain gender-equality in Tanzania and Africa, to which end we focus our efforts on promoting the social, educational, economical, and political development of Tanzania and African women and girls, including advocating for women’s rights, eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls , advancing women’s capacities and leadership skills, promoting their participation in the decisions that affect their lives, and amplifying their voices at the national and international arena.
Core Values
1. We are committed to prevent violence against women/girls and empower them socially, political, educationally, healthily and economically, and to removing any barriers that prevent female full participation in different aspects.
2. We believe in full and inclusive participation by all and that every person, man, women or community has the right and responsibility to contribute their talents, skills and resources to the work we do, for and with them.
3. We are committed to promote full and equal access to social services, education, legal and health-care services, economic opportunities and decent work, for all Tanzanians, specially marginalized women and girls. As well as ensure their participation in the elaboration and implementation of policies that effect their development, with full respect for their cultures, traditions and social norms.
4. We believe that community participation is an essential part of the process of ending violence against women/girls and community development. Therefore we consider participatory approaches as critical instruments of our initiatives.
5. We are committed to work with marginalized groups of women and girls, improve their lives, alleviate their suffering and develop a vision for change that will make a meaningful difference in their lives.
6. We consider partnership as one of our key organizing principle; we are, therefore, committed to developing, maintaining and nurturing partnerships, including alliance and linkages- with institutions and individuals who identify our vision and mission.

Capacity Building
Hakizetu’s Capacity Building activity engages a wide variety of community actors on women and girl’s and human rights, domestic violence and the legal system. These actors include health care workers, law enforcement officials, local government leaders, community leaders, teachers and likeminded organizations.
Capacity Building activities intend to build the ability and increase skills on violation against women and girls prevention.

Economic Empowerment program:
Hakizetu provides vocational training skills on Garment Making and Designing, Hotel Management, Computer skills, Mechanics, Entrepreneur skills, small business start-up mentorship and capital and primary and secondary school education to teenage mothers and child domestic workers as poverty reduction strategy and giving them economic freedom for full participation into development spheres, including ability to engage into income generating activities among other economical challenges, that have contributed to be dependent to men. Annually Hakizetu support between 20-80 women/girls, since its establishment in the year 2011, more than 400 women/girls have beneficiated direct from this program.

Legal Aid and Social Counseling programs:
Help the marginalized women and girls survivors of violence and in need of legal aid or social counseling to access services at Hakizetu’s Legal Aid and Social Counseling desk at free of charge. Also Hakizetu facilitate capacity building activities and dialogues on legal and human rights initiatives for a purpose of creating legal awareness to women/girls and community at large. More than 250 clients access this service annually.
In this thematic strategy, Hakizetu does the following:-
• Help the marginalized young women and girls, survivors of violence
• Facilitate dialogues on legal and human rights initiatives for a purpose of creating legal awareness in the project areas:
• Create a safe environment in which the young women and girls are able to seek help for the mediation and resolution of their issues, at no cost to them;
• Increase community members, young women and girls’ awareness of legal issues and building their capacities to openness to improve chances to access to judicial and administrative systems in their communities;

Awareness Raising Program
Hakizetu recognized that change is a process, and so, to be effective in mobilizing communities must be aware of the phases of change and then strive to systematically facilitate change. Hakizetu approach on ending violence against women and girls is planned for longtime intervention
Hakizetu seeks to raise awareness about the damaging effects of violence against women and girls and to mobilize communities to involve on violence against women and girls prevention and to change longstanding approaches and behaviors through Participatory events such as community open dialogues, demonstrations, video sessions, in-school dialogues, legal literacy education and participatory events such as dialogues, demonstrations and video sessions.
Lessons from earlier intervention on prevention of gender based violence indicated that participatory methods and working with community-based structures were critical in successful mobilization

Policy Advocacy and Communication
Hakizetu Tanzania seeks to prevent violence against women and girls through strategic influencing for desirable changes in policies, laws and practices which adversely affect women and girls’ rights and their development. Hakizetu Educate and engage policy makers, community members, women and the public to facilitate social change and protection of rights of women and girls Also Advocate for enabling policies and resources through a right-based approaches.

Our Team

A few members of our very dedicated team at Hakizetu.

Cunegunda Ngereja

Executive Director

Evodius Gervas

Senior Program Manager

Scholastica Dioniz


Bertha John

Program Officer